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Client Resources
3600 Importers & Distributors in China
Established business relationship and well-connected network with 3600 importers and distributers come from 31 provinces and regions in China mainland who are interested in Italian food and wine.
Media Resources
Over 120 Media Promotion
Obtained strong support from more than 120 media in Chinaincluding 30 Professional magazines35 public media and over 60 professional network medias in foodbeverage and fashion industry.
Other Resourses
80 Associations and Institutes
Cooperated with around 80 governmental associations and institutes in China to establish solid business relations in wine business. They provide supportive a and authentic platforms for us to promoto and popularize our Italian wines in a wider scale.
Agenzia Promozione Impresse Italiane: Apritaly
Apritaly (Agenzia Promozione Impresse Italiane) is an internationally recognized agency which aims to strengthen the promotion of Italian wines in China. We are committed to helping boutique wineries from Italy to manage the Chinese market, mainly being responsible for sales, marketing and market supervision. We have a mature network of Italy and China with extensive experience in publicity and a deep understanding of wine business, We have the capability to provide the highest-quality service and most suitable products for Chinese consumers. We hope that our communication and connection can win the support and appreciation of both Chinese consumers and Italian suppliers.
Agenzia Promozione Impresse Italiane: Apritaly

We are the consulting agency for promotions, press and public relations in Italian fine wines in China. Until now, we have two offices located in Guangzhou and Shanghai. On the one hand, we are the specialists majoring in Italian wines. On the other hand, our fine-tuned experts in local markets are constantly in tune with current trends and have a good grasp of local consumer psychology.  Our team in both Italy and China can ensure the brands and products remain subtlely attuned to local diet habits. For these advantages, we can propose effective and innovative marketing solutions to enhance perception, boost awareness and develop sales of Made-in-Italys in Chinese market. 



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Beijing Office:Room 1303, Building A, Zhongyuan Xingfu Building, No. 3 East Third Ring North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Shanghai Office: Room 3017, Huayuan World Square,Putuo District, Shanghai
Guangzhou Office: Room 1501, Building D2,Fuli Dongshan Xintiandi, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
Marketing Manager: Zheng XiaoYi (Sherry Zheng)
Tel.: +86 15915864430
E-mail: sherry@apritaly.org

Contact: Andrea Ji
Tel.:+86 13681989953 
Email: info@apritaly.org - 0086 18122786926 - Room 3017 Huayuan World Square, No. 1958 Zhongshan North, Putuo District, Shanghai City, China